Jeep Head Lights

jeep head lights

Every Jeeper knows that your headlights can make or break a night on the trails; it’s one of the most important Jeep parts.  Also, if one of your lights is you and you are on the street, you could get a ticket.  Maybe you just want a different look or beam pattern from your lights.

Whatever the case, here you are looking up some information on Jeep headlights so let’s get right to it.

Hella 7 inch Round (ECE) E Code H4 Conversion Kit

With these great head lights from Hella, when you are on the trail and have the low beams on, you will get 4 times the spread when compared to stock lights.  Even on high beams you will get twice the spread.

This lights in this kit offer a beam control that is tight and doesn’t spread up like stock lights do...

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Bilstein Universal Shocks

bilstein 5100 shocks

No matter if you are rock crawling, pre-running or racing, Bilstein has a variety of levels of high performance shocks that have applications in many on and off road settings.  Bilstein shocks have been leading the way as shock absorbers that have been proven in competitions to routinely deliver performance that is unmatched.  When you want shocks that are highly efficient, while offering a performance that is long lasting and technology that is unrivaled then you can only want Bilstein shocks.

Bilstein 5125 Series Universal Fit Shocks

When you want shocks for your lifted vehicle (or any other type for that matter) the 5125 gives you high performance while using a monotube design for gas pressure which gives you not only longevity but also a fade free and consistent performance.


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Jeep Parts Ideal For Off-Road Vehicles

jeep bumpers

When overcoming off-road challenges, it’s important that your Jeep is equipped with the best and most efficient parts. This is the reason why some off-road enthusiasts spend thousands of money in revamping their standard Jeep because the concomitant accessories of a standard Jeep do not maximize the off-road capabilities of this vehicle. For off-road fanatics out there, here are some of the off-road Jeep parts you can add to your buying list.

Jeep Suspension Parts

If you want your Jeep to be more responsive in overcoming off-road challenges, modifying its suspension capabilities is highly recommended. For this you have options to change the coil spacer lift kits; the suspension lift kits for tires sizes 33” to 37”; just to name a few...

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The Advantages Offered by Trektop NX Soft Tops

trektop nx tinted

There are four types of Jeep soft tops, namely:  Bikini, Safari, Sunlighter and the Bikini Top Windjammer/Duster Combo.  If you are thinking of purchasing a soft top for your vehicle, you might as well consider the Trektop NX.
A product of Bestop, the Trektop NX soft tops are popular among Jeep owners because of the numerous advantages it offers, which are as follows:

  • It has a modish design with tinted removable windows including the well-known Sunrider.
  • It features a flip-back canopy that provides easy access.
  • It is made of durable polypropylene and fiberglass – durable materials that resist mildew.
  • It can be easily mounted without help from a mechanic.
  • It was constructed in a manner that the flapping of the material was reduced, an ordinary occurrence in several soft tops, assuri...
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Jeeping at the Ocala National Forest

The Ocala National Forest falls under the US Forest Services and is one of the few national forests in the Florida area with the other forests falling under the jurisdiction of the state of Florida. The forest provides lots of fun and exciting off-roading trails for Jeepers. Whether you are planning to go on a picnic, camping or on some serious Jeeping action, the Ocala forest offers a lot that will capture your imagination.  There is also the Ocala Jeep Club located nearby which offers users lots of activities and events for and your family which help you make the most of your Jeep.

Wheeling at the Ocala National Forest

Wheeling at the Ocala National Forest

The guidelines regarding the access and use of the Ocala National Forest are laid down by the Forest Service and the information on the use of the trails can be accessed ...

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Off-road Vehicle Registration in Florida

The agency in Florida that is in charge of the off-highway vehicle registration is called the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles which is abbreviated as DHSMV.  All users of the off-road vehicles are required to register their vehicles with this particular agency as provided for in the Florida Off-Highway Vehicles, OHV, Titling Law. Upon the registration of your OHV, you will be issued with a Certificate of Title upon which the state of Florida will issue you with an OHV decal which can be pinned on your vehicle and used when you are on your off-roading adventures in the forests and reserves of Florida.

Florida Off road tours Florida Off road tours

Florida Off road tours

Information regarding the usage of the OHVs in the Florida’s public lands is available on the DHSMV website...

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Florida Off-Road Jeep Rules

The state of Florida offers a very exciting terrain for many off-roaders including Jeepers like me.  But this is no Wild Wild West and several rules have been put in place which govern the use of the all-terrain vehicles (OHVs) in many of Florida’s publicly allocated spaces. If you are planning some off-road adventures with your Jeep in some of Florida’s pristine and uncharted trails, it is important to observe all the Florida Off-Highway Vehicle Safety and Recreation regulations to avoid getting in trouble.

Tate's Hell is a popular off-roading trail in Florida

Tate’s Hell is a popular off-roading trail in Florida

The trails in Florida include the state forests such as the Tate’s Hell State Forest, and the Withlacoochee state forest which has its own designated motorcycle area...

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Tips on Hosting a Successful JeepFest Event at a Florida Jeep Clubs

Some professional Jeep associations allow members to organize their own Jeep festivals or Jeepfests using club resources and invite both club members and the members of the public. These can be a real cash cow when properly organized and they also allow you to promote themes of interest while attracting lots of industry sponsors. Although events organization might appear as a generally simple undertaking, failure to incorporate some basic organizational steps might make the difference between the success and failure of your Jeep event or festival.

Florida Jeep Events

Florida Jeep Events

Organizing a great Jeep show, like that of other events, requires excellent project management skills. You must be very good at managing people and resources so as to arrive at your desired outcome...

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Where to go Off-roading in Florida

Are you on the prowl for some off-roading opportunities in the sunshine state? Florida offers a vast array of entertainment opportunities ranging from the theme parks to great restaurant vistas. But if you are looking for some great outdoor adventures, then Florida’s off-road trails will be best suited for you. The state of Florida has designated public lands where the all-terrain vehicles (OHVs) can be used.

Florida has plenty of off-road destinations

Florida has plenty of off-road destinations

There are many trails for all sorts outdoor activities ranging from motorcycle and ATV riders to Jeep rides. Florida is actually a Jeeper’s paradise! So which are the most popular off-road trails for individual Jeep enthusiasts and Jeep clubs in Florida?

One of the most popular trails in the state is the Tri-State Off-road Park which is ...

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Various Jeep club activities that you can enjoy

Owning a Jeep is much more than having a rugged vehicle to take you from one point to another or across the various rough courses in the country. It is also an exciting lifestyle and several Jeep clubs have sprung across Florida to help assist owners in making the most of their Jeeps.  Some of the most popular Florida Jeep Clubs include the Space Coast Jeeps, the Matanzas Jeep Club, the Tampa Bay Jeep Association, the Orlando Jeep Club, Ocala Jeep Club, the Treasure Coast Jeep Club and the Calooser Jeepers amongst many others. The  Jeep Clubs don’t Just offer some  challenging off-road terrains but also lots of family entertainment and other fun activities.

There are lots of benefits associated with becoming Jeep club members

There are lots of benefits associated with becoming Jeep club members

The Jeep Clubs also offer Jeepers lots of networking opport...

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